The sitting room

This was my first visit. Penhurst is very welcoming-Not at all in your face or controlling.I found peace there;time to think. I really appreciated the rhythm of the day. - Anne

A place of beauty

A truly friendly house; a truly friendly team; a truly friendly group of people. - Shaun Lambert

Art Room external

...My first visit-Absolutely wonderful in every way. - Eleanor

Guests relaxing

Peaceful, beautiful-Just what I needed. If silence is golden, Penhurst is platinum. - Paul

Art Room2

So beautiful...loved the orchard. The prayer labyrinth was fab! - Sarah

A place for contemplation

Thank you. Thank you for taking care of me. Soul care, body care. I had no idea what to expect and I have been overwhelmed by the love of this place...So glad I came here. - Shona

A welcome awaits

..Utterly wonderful place. Thank you God, thank you Penhurst. - Kate

One of the bedrooms

With so much gratitude and love to the visible and invisable worlds and to the Holy Spirit for His inspiring and love filled day at Penhurst. - Pearl

Classic view of the Centre

This place so allows God to move-Wow! - Barbara

Happy visitors by Jay Ashworth

Thank you for this sacred space-very precious. - Helen


Penhurst is a small, friendly Christian Retreat Centre where a warm welcome is offered to all. We also specialise in support for mission partners, cross cultural workers and full-time Christian workers from the UK and overseas.

Situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is just 10 miles from the coast in the Sussex High Weald. The beauty, peace and comfort of this place create an ideal setting in which to draw closer to God and experience his love.

Comfortable full-board accommodation is available for up to 16 guests sharing 8 bedrooms including 2 ground floor en-suite rooms, one of which is fully adapted.


9 Jul
Thu - Thu

“Surrender Gracefully”

13 - 15 Jul
Mon - Wed

Walking with God through Thick and Thin

16 Jul
Thu - Thu

Five-A-Day: Meeting God through Our Senses

27 - 30 Jul
Mon - Thu

New Directions

21 - 23 Aug
Fri - Sun

Ultimate Worship

24 - 27 Aug
Mon - Thu

Attentive to God

1 - 3 Sep
Tue - Thu


7 - 10 Sep
Mon - Thu

3 night Silent Individually Guided Retreat

11 - 13 Sep
Fri - Sun

Staying healthy for the long haul

16 Sep
Wed - Wed

Cloister of the heart

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Cancelled Retreat - Illuminating the Lord's Prayer

Please pray for the lovely Viv as she battles with illness....

Blossom, blossom everywhere....

Blossom, blossom everywhere....

Spring is coming!

A glimpse of Spring here at Penhurst

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