The sitting room

.....Rejuvenated. So blessed!! - Don

A place of beauty

I couldn't come to the UK without visiting Penhurst again! - Janet -Sydney

Art Room external

I was looking for stillness and rest at Penhurst and found peace as well. - Frances

Guests relaxing

Jesus is here in the grounds and the staff. I am fully restored and healed. - Chenique

Art Room2

Thank you for a wonderful retreat, for the luxury of the Hudson Taylor room and the well known Penhurst hospitality. - Mary

A place for contemplation

My retreat was an absolute gift. To be looked after SO well during such a busy time has been a huge Blessing. ...To feel affirmed and acknowledged-a very great gift. - Tiffany

A welcome awaits

Many thanks for a wonderful day yesterday. I found Penhurst to be a startlingly ‘thin place’ of God and I just wasn’t prepared nor expecting the extent of it. It was like a window to heaven and just to sit in the chapel,infact everywhere in the house and in the grounds was a profound blessing. - Linda

One of the bedrooms

Being at Penhurst Retreat is a bit like being at a small (but comfortable) Stately Home. It was just wonderful to be back there- Such a special place - Celia

Classic view of the Centre

Fantastic! The food is all about-family favourites, bought locally and is delicious. Penhurst is still THE number one priority for my home assignment. - Paula

Happy visitors by Jay Ashworth

The most amazing thin place where 2 days stretches to 2 weeks! So Blessed by the power of God working through this place. Thank you. - Val and Dan


Penhurst is a small, friendly Christian Retreat Centre where a warm welcome is offered to all. We also specialise in support for mission partners, cross cultural workers and full-time Christian workers from the UK and overseas.

Situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is just 10 miles from the coast in the Sussex High Weald. The beauty, peace and comfort of this place create an ideal setting in which to draw closer to God and experience his love.

Comfortable full-board accommodation is available for up to 16 guests sharing 8 bedrooms including 2 ground floor en-suite rooms, one of which is fully adapted.


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Penhurst Retreat Centre Open Day 2014

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