The sitting room

A fantastic,peaceful,prayerful,warm and welcoming place to stay! -

A place of beauty

The hospitality was amazing-really nice home cooked food. This is a great place to pray.The shower wasn't very strong but I was warned about that. - Steve

Art Room external

Thank you for the BIG bed and the BIG British bath tub! We felt served with warmth and love and a very genuine authentic welcome.Penhurst is perfect for a retreat. - Ian

Guests relaxing

The excellent reputation for the food was fully upheld. The retreat centre has a very warm and friendly vibe. The sense of family is well connected. - David

Art Room2

...Love this place and have greatly enjoyed the weekend. - Rick

A place for contemplation

A great weekend...Enjoyed the company and the input. I'll be back. - Richard

A welcome awaits

There was warmth, friendliness, nothing too much trouble. It was all very conducive to being mindful and prayerful. - Sian

One of the bedrooms

Our stay has been a touch of heaven . The readings and prayer times were very helpful. The love warmth and hospitality showed God's Love in action.Each member of staff were encouraging and caring. - Marylee and John

Classic view of the Centre

I was aware of God from the moment I went through the door and I felt safe in God's arms. It was privilege to be at Penhurst. Thanks. - Ali

Happy visitors by Jay Ashworth

I have never felt so at peace. Loved every second and thank you so much for all the kindness and for the most wonderful experience. -


Penhurst is a small, friendly Christian Retreat Centre where a warm welcome is offered to everyone. We also specialise in support for mission partners, cross cultural workers and full-time Christian workers from the UK and overseas.

Situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is just 10 miles from the coast in the Sussex High Weald. The beauty, peace and comfort of this place create an ideal setting in which to draw closer to God and experience his love.

Comfortable full-board accommodation is available for up to 16 guests sharing 8 bedrooms including 2 ground floor en-suite rooms, one of which is fully adapted.


27 Feb - 2 Mar
Mon - Thu


2 - 5 Mar
Thu - Sun

RUNNING THE RACE - Our retirement years

6 Mar
Mon - Mon

Quarterly day of prayer

7 Mar
Tue - Tue

A Sabbath for the Soul

8 - 9 Mar
Wed - Thu

Freedom: blessing or curse?

14 - 16 Mar
Tue - Thu

The life-cycle of the butterfly and our journey

20 - 22 Mar
Mon - Wed

Soul Spa

24 Mar
Fri - Fri

Relax, Play, Create No. 1 Calligraphy Easter Cards

31 Mar - 2 Apr
Fri - Sun

Embracing and Celebrating Being Single

3 - 7 Apr
Mon - Fri

Adventuring Deeper into God

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Keep on Running the Race - our retirement years

Are you a full-time Christian Worker who has just reach or is approaching retirement?

Do you know any Men in Leadership who need a retreat?

David Jones is offering a silent individually guided retreat in this beautiful setting. Click here to read more.

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