Member Care for Mission Partners

What is Member care?

Member Care is the ongoing preparation, equipping and empowering of missionaries for effective and sustainable life, ministry and work. 

Member Care addresses all aspects of well-being of missionaries and their dependents. It includes spiritual, emotional, relational, physical and economic matters. Member care addresses the needs of single people, couples, families and children. It seeks to empower missionaries to make healthy choices by offering ongoing training, resourcing and equipping in all these areas. It is integral to all aspects of mission including leadership, logistics, spiritual formation, and church life. It begins with selection and continues throughout the missionary life cycle to re-entry or retirement and beyond.


goose with goslingMember care at Penhurst

Penhurst has a heart for mission. The Centre is a member of Global Connections and our staff team is committed to serving the mission community in every way possible.

Cost should never be a prohibitive factor. If the agency or sending church you belong to is a member of Global connections you qualify for a 10% reduction. If the cost is still too high then we will accept whatever you can prayerfully afford and our Trustees will endeavour, in faith, to make up the difference.

We are aware of the huge need for overseas and UK mission partners and cross cultural workers to recharge their spiritual batteries in an environment conducive to physical rest and spiritual restoration.

We are also aware of the need for debrief in a supportive, caring, neutral and unhurried setting when you return from the field.

There are retreats specifically designed for the needs of mission partners on our programme show me all the mission retreats in the current programme or you may wish to book an individual retreat.

When you book an individual retreat you can be assured that we will endeavour to meet your individual needs. We can arrange personal debriefing, spiritual accompaniment or simply an opportunity to rest and enjoy the healing and restorative power of God's creation. click here to book an individual retreat.

If you have any further questions about the services we offer to mission partners and cross cultural workers please do contact us . We would be delighted to tell you more.


Caring for full-time Christian workers

If you are a full-time Christian Worker read on. If you would like to book a retreat or quiet day for a CW as a gift contact us to purchase a retreat or quiet day gift voucher.

lambAs well as having a heart for overseas mission we also want to reach out to those in mission and ministry in the UK. We KNOW that we are all called to mission but are also aware that those hardest hit by burnout and spiritual dehydration are often the ones who have dedicated both their lives and their livelihoods to kingdom work.

We offer personal debriefing (which provides an opportunity to take-stock and re-centre) and spiritual accompaniment if requested, as well as a chance just to escape from the pressures of work and the world and enjoy the healing and restorative power of God's creation.

There are retreats specifically designed for the needs of full-time Christian workers on our programme or you may just want to book an individual retreat or quiet day