November 2017

1 November

Relax, Play, Create No. 8 Wet Felt Workshop

Leader: Barbara Powell-Jones

This Wet Felt Workshop will take you through the process of how to make a piece of felt using a beautiful selection of coloured marino wools. Instructions will be provided to make your final piece into a journal cover (in your own time or at a future workshop) should you wish to.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £25.00

22 November

Relax, Play, Create 9 Calligraphy Christmas cards

Leader: Roy Calthorpe

Roy will be offering expert tuition in Calligraphy leading to the creation of your own personalised Christmas Cards.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £25.00

December 2017

6 December

Relax, Play, Create No. 10 Jewellery + Pyrography

Leader: Liz and Andy Cottingham

Have a creative day at Penhurst, discovering the joy of simple jewellery making or exploring the art of pyrography - burning designs on to wood.

Residential price: £70.00
Non-residential price: £20.00

June 2018

1 - 3 June
Friday - Sunday

Seeing the Light of Life

Leader: Reverend Steve Radley

Come and discover how to see your context in new ways using the gift of photography. To participate a camera will be required, but any level of photography is welcome from the beginner who only snaps with their smartphone to experienced photographers.

Residential price: £175.00
Non-residential price: £95.00

4 - 6 June
Monday - Wednesday

Finding peace in Godís creation

Leader: Dominic Couzens

This retreat is all about noticing and appreciating God's creation. Enjoy walking around the beautiful countryside of the Sussex High Weald with Dominic as your nature guide. He will identify birds and other flora and fauna as you walk together. Combine that with some delicious meals at the Centre and an evening meditation to finish off the day.

Residential price: £180.00
Non-residential price: £90.00

July 2018

2 - 6 July
Monday - Friday

Creative Space

Leader: Jill Hoffman

This retreat provides mainly undirected free personal space - so a chance to 'be' as well as create. There will be no set 'led' sessions apart from the usual rhythm of prayer at the Centre. Participants will have space to work on their own creative ideas whether writers, poets, musicians, photographers, visual artists and any kind of craft makers. No experience necessary.

Residential price: £280.00
Non-residential price: £120.00

20 - 22 July
Friday - Sunday

Connecting through personal stories

Leader: Anthony and Sarah Wingfield

The aim of the retreat is to co-create a mosaic of stories that, together, weave a tapestry of God at work in each otherís lives.

Residential price: £180.00
Non-residential price: £90.00