Our Staff

The Team

Our team consists of ten paid staff [three full-time and 7 part-time] who manage the day-to-day running of the Centre. In addition we have a band of faithful volunteers without whom the Centre would be unable to function effectively. All volunteers are welcome but, due to the size of the centre, we cannot accommodate live-in staff.

If you are interested in joining the family as a volunteer you can read more here  


Chris - Assistant Host

Chris has a gentle, compassionate and prayerful heart and, although she is a good all-rounder, she most enjoys accompanying others 1-1 through listening and prayer and spiritual accompaniment. Her 'member care' training and overseas mission experience also enable her to offer debriefing to Christian Workers from the UK and overseas.


Denise - Assistant Host

Denise joined us in April 2016. She is friendly, approachable and caring and she offers guests a warm welcome and a listening ear. She is a good team player which is essential in her role as she has to do a little of everything from writing to you when you book to 'Hosting' while you are here. She is a real blessing to our previously over-worked team and we can no longer remember how we managed without her.


Gary - Gardener

Gary loves Penhurst and it shows. He is the hardest working person we've ever met and despite his very limited hours he keeps the grounds looking fantastic all year round. He is an integral part of the team and much loved by all.


Hephzi - Assistant Housekeeper

Hephzi has joined the team to assist Viv with the housekeeping. You will probably spot her bounding up and down the stairs carrying something heavy. We are all grateful for her young legs, her cheery nature and her fabulous smile.


Janet - Cook

Janet is our rock. She has been here since the Centre opened producing great food with love and care. She is utterly reliable, loving, prayerful and supportive. She has the best memory of all of us [remembering special diets of guests who were last here three years ago] and she holds us all together through the good and the more challenging times.


Jay - Assistant Manager and Host

Jay has been with us since January 2011. She is a real all-rounder with excellent leadership skills as well as a pastoral heart and training in debriefing. She is also wonderfully creative, welcoming and spiritually wise. Jay is a gardener by trade and applies the same nurturing skills to her work at Penhurst.


Linda - Admin Assistant

Linda is probably the least visible member of the team but she may well be your first point of contact as she is based in our busy office. Linda gently and quietly keeps us all on-track and makes sure the office runs smoothly and harmoniously.


Richard & Storm - Managers/Hosts

Richard and Storm have been the Hosts at the Centre since July 2004. Since then they have learned a lot but still feel that there is SO much more to learn. They oversee the running of the house but recognise that the comfort and well-being of the guests is their first priority. They encourage and are supported
by the most amazing staff team [as you can see] who in turn all encourage and support each other. This is the Jesus way of working together and it certainly works at Penhurst!


Viv - House Keeper

Viv is amazing. She definitely has the most energy of all of us which is just as well as keeping this place to the standard she keeps it takes every ounce of energy she can give. She always has the comfort of the guests at heart and she is so efficient that she makes it all look easy. Having previously worked as a chef she is also able to stand in for Janet when needed. She is incredibly creative and is constantly adding little touches which enhance the Centre and bless the guests.