Caring for full-time Christian Ministry Workers


If you are a full-time Christian ministry worker read on. If you would like to book a retreat or quiet day for a Christian worker as a gift contact us to purchase a gift voucher.

Guest relaxing


As well as having a heart for overseas mission we also want to reach out to those in mission and ministry in the UK. We know that we are all called to mission but are also aware that those hardest hit by burnout and spiritual dehydration are often the ones who have dedicated both their lives and their livelihoods to kingdom work.

We offer personal debriefing which provides an opportunity to take-stock and re-centre, and spiritual accompaniment as well as a chance just to escape from the pressures of work and the world and enjoy the healing and restorative power of God`s creation.

There are retreats specifically designed for the needs of full-time Christian ministry workers on our programme or you may just want to book an individual retreat or quiet day