Please help us with our fundraising to...

‘Love the Centre into a new place’

£51,000 to go and we re-open on 9th February.

Please pray that the remainder will arrive in time.

£51,000 still to raise

Since we added the ground floor bedrooms in the Orchard Rooms in 2010 the preference for ensuite has increased year on year. It seemed opportune then to think about increasing our ensuite provision at the same time as changing to a pressurised water system and upgrading our electrics - as each will cause a similar amount of disruption.


The Centre is now closed for three months and the building work has started.

During this period the pipework for the heating and water will be completely replaced and an unvented pressurised water system will be fitted throughout the building making hot water instantly available with no need to ‘run off’ vast amounts of cooler water before the hot arrives. This ‘sealed’ system will also eliminate the need for cold water storage tanks thus increasing efficiency and hygiene and making ‘wholesome’ drinking water available for our guests from every tap.

At the same time all the old, deteriorating electric cabling that would have failed it`s next 5 yearly inspection will be replaced and energy saving LED lighting will be installed in all the new bathrooms.

In the main house, 5 of the 7 bedrooms will have ensuites and there will still be a shared `bath`room with a lovely roomy bath as before.

Please help us to raise the rest of the money

We don’t have all the funds for this project yet but we are nearly there.


the majority of has come from loyal supporters who love Penhurst Retreat Centre and all that happens here but we have also had some generous donations from Trusts and organisations who value our ethos and purpose.

If you can help us in any way to ensure that the project goes ahead we would love to hear from you. You may know of a Trust we could approach for funding, you may be willing to pray with us for the success of the project, you may be able to run a fundraising event for us or you may be able to make a donation yourself.

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Here are the proposed plans: