‘Loving the Centre into a new place’

Amazing news!!





We are now in a position to fund the entire reconfiguration project in full once the final ‘pledged’ grant has been received. Through the sacrificial giving of many of you and the marvellous support of a string of Trusts all £349,000 can be accounted for. We are sure you will agree that this is a considerable feat and one that could not be achieved without God’s great blessing.

The pipework for the heating and water was completely replaced and an unvented pressurised water system fitted throughout the building making hot water instantly available with no need to ‘run off’ vast amounts of cooler water before the hot arrives. This ‘sealed’ system also increases efficiency and hygiene as well as making ‘wholesome’ drinking water available for our guests from every tap.

At the same time all the old, deteriorating electric cabling that would have failed it`s next 5 yearly inspection was replaced and energy saving LED lighting installed in all the new bathrooms.

In the main house, 5 of the 7 bedrooms have ensuites and there is a shared `bath`room with a lovely roomy bath as before.