Lent Quiet Day - Monday 2 March 2020

This message was added on 2020-01-13

Mandy Callf is leading this Lent Quiet Day on Monday 2 March and there are still spaces available.

Often in Lent we choose to give something up, let go of something - only to take it back up again! But letting go can open our hands to receive surprising new gifts. God is continually at work renewing and restoring His image in us and moving us on.

This day is an opportunity to spend time with God, and see what new things He may want to show us in this period of Lent as we journey with Jesus to the cross.

In each session there will be suggestions of ways to work creatively followed by times for silent reflection.

Book online or contact the office on or 01424 892088.

A former teacher, counsellor, supervisor and trainer Mandy now works as a spiritual director and leads retreat days. Her passion is to see people released to go deeper in their relationship and walk with God, to be free to live the abundant life Jesus talked of in John 10:10.