Retreats for Mission Partners

This message was added on 2020-02-21

Penhurst has always had a heart for mission and specialises in supporting mission partners, cross-cultural workers and full-time Christian workers from the UK and overseas.

One of the ways Penhurst provides support is through specific retreats for mission partners and Christian workers.  The following retreats are available in 2020:

20-23 April: New Directions.  For full-time Christian workers returning to the UK after overseas ministry or for an extended home assignment.

23-26 April: Running the Race - Embracing our retirement years.  Helping those in full-time Christian ministry (UK and overseas) prepare for retirement and the years beyond.

6-9 July: Mission Debrief - Singles and Couples.  Enjoy the peace and tranquility of Penhurst Retreat Centre as part of your home assignment, with opportunity to receive a personal debrief.

13-17 July: Mission Debrief - Families.  Space for mission families to receive a debrief over several days, with space for reflection and rest.

27-31 July: Grace Space for Mission Partners.  An extended version of the popular Grace Space retreat specifically for those involved in overseas mission.

10-13 August: New Directions.  For full-time Christian workers returning to the UK after overseas ministry or for an extended home assignment.  

14-16 August: Serving as Singles.  An affirming time helping single Christian workers embrace their situation in life, look to Christ to provide their needs and discuss strategies for coping with the challenging aspects of being single.

17-20 August: Fully Alive! for Mission Partners.  Explore what it means to live like Jesus, the fully alive One, in our lives and ministries; unpacking what it would mean to live loved, to live free, to live with the strength and the hope and the vulnerability of Jesus - even in our harder days.  


See our full programme for further details and book online or contact the office on or +44 (0)1424 892088.

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