COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement - 16 March 2020

This message was added on 2020-03-17

COVID-19 Coronavirus Statement

16 March 2020

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to spread around the world, we at Penhurst Retreat Centre are aware that some of our guests, staff and volunteers will be concerned and wondering what to do about coming here.  Whilst the nature of the situation is fast changing, we want to reassure you that we are monitoring and taking all sensible and practical precautions and seeking to follow ongoing UK government and medical advice.

Whilst we cannot accept responsibility for the advice given, and individuals must take responsibility for checking information and following appropriate guidance for their circumstances, we trust that the following statement will provide helpful information about the precautions we have put in place.  These precautions will continue to be reviewed and updated as advice is updated by the UK government and Public Health England (PHE).

It is our intention that Penhurst Retreat Centre will remain open, continuing to offer a place of peace and hospitality, and led retreats as planned, unless government advice or other circumstances prevent this.  Our approach is based on a calm, vigilant and detailed approach to ensuring the safety of our guests and team.

We ask that all guests, staff and volunteers do the following:

  • Take your temperature before coming to Penhurst, and if you, anyone in your household, or anyone you have been in contact with, are or have been experiencing any COVID-19 coronavirus symptoms (high temperature, persistent dry cough, shortness of breath) now or in the last 14 days, follow government advice on self-isolating and do not come to Penhurst.
  • If you are over 70 years old or have underlying health conditions that put you at increased risk, or are pregnant, please follow government advice on self-isolating and consider carefully whether you should come to Penhurst.
  • Let us know in advance if you or anyone in your group coming to Penhurst has been to another country in the last two months that has (then or since) been affected COVID-19.  We will follow PHE, NHS and UK government advice in such situations, which may consequently mean that it is not possible for you to come to Penhurst.
  • On arrival and throughout your stay at Penhurst, we ask you to wash your hand thoroughly and often, and avoid any physical contact with other guests, staff or volunteers.
  • Cover any cough or sneeze with a tissue, then bin the tissue immediately and wash your hands thoroughly straight away.
  • If you experience any symptoms whilst at Penhurst, please advise the Centre Host or Manager immediately and then stay in your bedroom until advised further.  You may be asked to compete the online assessment questionnaire at and the advice provided must be followed.  You may be advised to leave the centre immediately and return home to self-isolate, assuming you can leave by car without further risk of infection to others.  If you have arrived by public transport, Penhurst Retreat Centre will help you by all means possible to return home without risk of infection to others.  We are not able to offer isolation facilities beyond the booked stay with us.

The Penhurst Retreat Centre team is currently taking the following precautions, which will continue to be reviewed and updated as appropriate:

  • We are avoiding physical contact with guests and each other, and will not be shaking hands, giving hugs, etc.
  • All communal hand towels have been replaced with paper towels.
  • We have increased our cleaning regime, particularly in terms of communal touch points and surfaces such as door handles, taps, toilets, office phones and computer equipment.
  • As always, we are adhering to stringent food hygiene procedures.
  • Official advice is being reviewed regularly, and staff and procedures are being updated as appropriate.
  • Operational backup plans have been drafted in the case of a team member being taken ill or needing to self-isolate.

Our normal cancellation terms will apply as follows:

  • If you are forced to cancel less than 28 days before your stay, we will try our best to transfer your booking to another date.  If this is not feasible for you, then the full fee will be payable.  For this reason, and your own peace of mind, we recommend full insurance cover be obtained.
  • If you cancel more than 28 days in advance, you may transfer your booking to another date (where available) or request a refund minus the non-refundable deposit.

In the meantime, let`s take this opportunity to pray our faithful God and Father, who is our hope and peace, that He would protect and continue to do all that He wants to do here at Penhurst.