Seeing the Light in Life: 28 Sept - 2 Oct

This message was added on 2020-09-04

The gift of photography can enable you to discover your own life and surroundings in new ways. Photography is taken from the Greek words meaning `to draw` and `light`, so literally means, drawing with light. The retreat will use light as a metaphor for life and explore ways of using the camera in a contemplative way to help us see light and life in its many forms. We will also explore the story of our images and discover what the images we are drawn to may help us discover about our own life.

A digital camera will be required to participate, but anything will do. It can be a smartphone, compact camera or larger DSLR camera.

All levels of photography experience are welcome, whether you simply enjoy taking pictures on your phone or an experienced photographer.

There will be a daily session giving technical guidance for creativity but how we see, not the technical, is the focus of the retreat.

The images created will be used in the daily worship through digital projection. One high quality image will be printed for each participant from each of the three photography walks as a special keepsake.
The photography will be outdoors and retreatants will share walks with cameras.

During the retreat participants will keep the greater silence (from the evening session until after breakfast each day) and the Eucharist will be celebrated twice.

Book online or contact the office on or 01424 892088.