Breathing In, Breathing Out: Friday 10 - Sunday 12 September 2021

This message was added on 2021-09-06


Compassion and loving kindness are rare today. We should be an incarnation of these Divine characteristics. This weekend you`ll learn to gain a greater sense of self compassion through contemplative practice (Breathing In), therefore becoming a more compassionate person, pouring that out in a life of action through compassionate outreach (Breathing Out).

David Cassian Cole, or Brother Cassian, is the Founder and Executive Director of Waymark Ministries CIC, an international Spiritual Teacher and Retreat Leader. He has lectured in Christian & Bible Colleges; has appeared in numerous television programs; is an award winning author of 7 books; and is the UK `Deputy Guardian` for The Community of Aidan and Hilda - a globally dispersed Celtic New Monastic Community. He has been a full time Church Minister and Teaching Pastor in different churches and is qualified in Spiritual Care (holistic care and pastoral counselling); he holds a Masters` degree in Christian Spirituality from Sarum College, writing his thesis on how historic Celtic Christianity can inform New Monastic ideas of Discipleship.

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