Living in Covenant with God: Monday 13 September, 10am-4pm

This message was added on 2021-09-06


This relaxed, interactive day will focus on the historic idea of covenant and what it means to be in a covenant relationship with God Himself. It is an opportunity to at least begin to explore the depth of God`s amazing faithfulness to us and to His promises.

Drawing on nine years working in Israel, and over half a lifetime of involvement there with CMJ and other ministries, Alison loves to share insights into the Bible, gleaned from Biblical scholars in Israel and elsewhere, and to encourage others to explore the riches of God`s Word more deeply.

Alison is an Anglican Lay Minister, living in East Sussex. She has led tours to Israel and for the last 5 or 6 years, has led several interactive day conferences, short residentials or teaching weeks, on various subjects linked with the Biblical Feasts and Covenants, exploring what they mean for us and how they speak of God`s faithfulness and over-arching plans for time and eternity.

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