Living through Loss - 15-16 November

This message was added on 2021-10-13


Loss is part of our human experience, all through the different stages of our lives. The covid-19 pandemic in particular has been a time of loss: loss of freedom, loss of `normal`, loss of physical contact, loss of loved ones, especially cruel where there was no opportunity to say `goodbye`. The apartness may also have raised past losses for which we have not grieved. This retreat is a gentle time of being held in a safe place as you explore that loss and find how you can help yourself to cope with and live through loss.

This retreat aims to lift up hope and offer ways of processing loss. You will be invited to share something of you story, as talking and sharing can help, but this is absolutely up to you - you can say nothing if you prefer.

There will be times of silence and times of being together. One to one time with the retreat leaders will be available. 

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