New Directions - 29 November - 2 December

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Penhurst Retreat Centre has a heart for serving the Christian mission and ministry community. In fact, supporting overseas workers was part of the history of the house even before it became a retreat centre.

This retreat/workshop is for full-time Christian workers returning to the UK after ministry overseas or for an extended home assignment. It provides an opportunity to `unpack` the transition process and issues around adjustment in a context of group discussion, reflection and prayer.

This retreat has been run at Penhurst many times and feedback from participants shows that it is extremely valuable in succesfully navigating the re-entry process.

***** Cost should never be a prohibitive factor. If your organisation or sending church is a member of Global Connections you qualify for a 10% reduction - please contact us before payment to get the discount applied.  If you are funding your stay yourself and would struggle to pay the full amount please contact us to discuss possible bursary funding. *****

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