NEW opportunity: Please nominate us for a £1,000 donation

This message was added on 2022-07-08


Movement For Good - Nominate us today

Movement for Good is giving away over £1 million this year, including £1,000 to 620 charities. 

£1,000 would be really useful for Penhurst - it could help us repair/replace the rotten art room doors or the chapel carpet, for example.  So please nominate us now! 

To those of you who have nominated us in previous years - thank you and please do nominate us again this year!  This year, your one nomination will count in multiple rounds of giving over the coming months. 

So why wait?  Simply click here and enter your details.  The more nominations we get, the greater our chance of receiving a grant, so please spread the word.  Thank you!

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