Mindfulness and Song: Mon 19 - Thurs 22 Feb

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Whilst on community together at Scargill House, Mike and Shaun developed a unique fusion of mindfulness and song as a way to draw us into spirituality, wellbeing and community. So come and enjoy a week of mindful singing, theology and spiritual practices, which will open your heart to the love of God and connect us to one another.

Shaun is an author, mindfulness researcher, psychotherapist, and Baptist minister, who has completed a doctorate exploring the mindfulness of God.

Mike is currently Chaplain at the Scargill Community and a "natural voice" practitioner who has been running singing workshops and choirs for over 20 years, helping and encouraging people to have confidence in their voice and find God in the joy of singing together.


Some feedback from previous Mindfulness and Song weeks:

"Sharing in the Mindful and Song has been a most wonderful and joyous time. Mike and Shaun could not have been better and brought such skill and also, laughter, into the sessions. My faith has been recharged and hopefully I can find ways to share this in my church community."

"This has been a joyful, moving and deeply spiritual week. The quality of the course leadership has been outstanding. I`ve done things I`ve never dared do or haven`t done for many years - improvised harmonies, written a poem, done something creative in a craft workshop and more. Wonderful worship, too."

"It`s hard to put into words, but I`ve just felt loved and made to feel that my life has some significance. I have hope for a change of direction and to useful to my Creator, finally!"

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