Personal Debriefing

Personal Debriefing

See also Member care and caring for full-time Christian workers

We offer individuals or couples an opportunity to reflect on and talk about their experiences in ministry. We believe that you are in ministry if you are actively engaged in `meeting people where they are and helping them to get to where God wants them to be`. We recognise that some of us are called to minster in our home countries and others are called to do this overseas.

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Personal debriefing is often done over the course of two or three hours, depending on individual need. Ideally the sessions would be spaced out over two or three days to allow for processing time, and time with God, in between. However, we understand that this is not always possible and we will try to tailor the debrief, wherever we can, to your requirements and availability.

There is an opportunity to discuss the difficult and stressful parts of ministry, as well as to share positive memories.

If relevant, we can also talk about how to recognise any signs of stress, and consider what might help. People who have recently returned from overseas may also choose to reflect on the transition to the UK. Future plans can be shared, and prayer may be offered.


Debriefing is not counselling, and we can`t promise to solve problems. Many people say that they find it helpful to be listened to by someone who is interested, cares and is not judgemental. Debriefing at least once a year can be helpful as a routine practice - debriefing is not something that occurs only at the end of a work assignment or after a traumatic event.

For those who seek professional counselling, we may be able to recommend some therapists in the area you are returning to or put you in contact with organisations who can advise you further.

If you want to book debriefing, please contact us to state the date(s) you are considering and check that a debriefer will be free and can book you in at that time.