April 2020

23 - 26 April
Thursday - Sunday

Running the Race **CANCELLED**

Leaders: Anne de Reybekilll and Evan Winter

This course will seek to help those who have been involved in full-time Christian ministry (UK and overseas) prepare for retirement and the years beyond. It will look at what we understand by `retirement`, the Biblical approach to old age, and in particular at the spirituality of ageing.

Residential price: £295.00
Non-residential price: £185.00

May 2020

4 - 8 May
Monday - Friday

4 Night IGR with Susan Oakes **CANCELLED**

Leader: Susan Oakes

Come and deepen your relationship with God on this silent IGR. An individually guided retreat offers you the time and opportunity to pay attention to God and to be more aware of God`s work in your life. It also gives the space to pray and to reflect on your life, to consider the decisions you have to make, and the priorities you want to set.

Residential price: £395.00
Non-residential option is not available

22 - 24 May
Friday - Sunday

Looking over God`s Shoulder **CANCELLED**

Leader: Val Freeman

...fresh perspectives on daily life from the Ignatian examen... Drawing from the book, `Re-imagining the Ignatian Examen` by Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ the weekend will cover entering into prayer, gratitude, looking back from the Father`s arms (a reference to Henri Nouwen`s encouragement of how we look back on past events), the Ignatian practice of praydreaming (i.e. prayerfully imagining the future) and the art of remaining in Christ during our daily lives

Residential price: £210.00
Non-residential price: £125.00

29 - 31 May
Friday - Sunday

Rediscovering The Sabbath **CANCELLED**

Leader: Christine Strohmeier

We live in a culture driven by constant activity and business. This weekend is an invitation to you to explore the deeper meaning of entering into God`s Sabbath rest.

Residential price: £210.00
Non-residential price: £125.00

June 2020

19 - 21 June
Friday - Sunday

Living Free: Seeking Stillness Retreat *CANCELLED*

Leaders: Sarah Chabowska and Libby Dobson

He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me. (Psalm 18:19). This weekend will be a chance to reflect on ways in which we can move into greater freedom in our lives. Some aspects we will consider are; the need for rest and solitude, a sense of our own personal value, and God`s compassion for us.

Residential price: £250.00
Non-residential price: £170.00

July 2020

10 - 12 July
Friday - Sunday

Time for Marriage **TBC**

Leader: Time For Marriage Team

****£370 per couple BOOK ONLINE AT**** ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Despite what it says below this IS a residential course but bookings for this weekend should be made directly through `Time for Marriage` via the link above.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential option is not available

24 - 26 July
Friday - Sunday

Flourishing **TBC**

Leaders: Peter Parr and Heather-Jane Ozanne

What does it mean to flourish? What can the life of Jesus teach us about flourishing? There is a shift underway in spirituality today, from a heaven-focused spirituality which placed great emphasis on transcending the world and the human condition to one which leads to an appreciation of the interconnectedness of all life and deeper engagement with humanity, and a realization of our place within the whole cosmos. This shift in emphasis is leading people to a greater need and the desire to work together for the common good and a world where all can flourish.

Residential price: £210.00
Non-residential price: £125.00