March 2019

8 - 10 March
Friday - Sunday

`OPEN` - post Abortion Healing Retreat

Leader: Jenny Baines, Judy Mc Gibbon

****OPEN have booked out the whole house for this workshop so our website will show no rooms available. Please book through them via You can click on the link above or phone them on 020 7227 4709. The retreat CAN BE PAID FOR IN INSTALMENTS if that is helpful. EACH PERSON WILL HAVE THEIR OWN ROOM and personal needs and privacy will be respected at all times. Read on for more information ....

Residential option is not available
Non-residential option is not available

15 - 17 March
Friday - Sunday

Divorce Recovery Workshop

***** The DRW team have booked out the whole house for this workshop so our website will show no rooms available. Please contact Mandy 07743 243828 or Sue 07886 552 964 or contact them via to book directly through DWR. ***** Read on for more information ....

Residential option is not available
Non-residential option is not available

22 - 24 March
Friday - Sunday

Enneagram 2 - God Shaped People

Leader: Becky Widdows

For those that have completed the elementary Enneagram course. You are invited to continue your journey and explore the Enneagram system within the Christian tradition, and how we can use it to deepen our relationships with God, others and ourselves.

Residential price: £210.00
Non-residential price: £140.00

April 2019

4 - 7 April
Thursday - Sunday

RUNNING THE RACE - Embracing Our Retirement Years

Leaders: Maryann Richard and Paul Lindsay

This course will seek to help those who have been involved in full-time Christian ministry (UK and overseas) prepare for retirement and the years beyond. It will look at what we understand by ‘retirement’, the Biblical approach to old age, and in particular at the spirituality of ageing.

Residential price: £290.00
Non-residential price: £180.00

23 - 26 April
Tuesday - Friday

Silent Guided Retreat for Women in Leadership

Leader: Jenny Butter

This 3 night residential experience is designed to provide a time, space and setting for a personal retreat. You will be with a small group of women with similar yet individually unique motivations and approaches to this retreat. It is primarily individual, though there is an unusual and often profound blessing that comes from being alongside others doing the same thing.

Residential price: £290.00
Non-residential price: £175.00

May 2019

17 - 19 May
Friday - Sunday

Music and Art and Spirituality

Leaders: Richard King and Lee Hassall

The focus of this retreat will be on how images and music can liberate us to breathe with the Holy Spirit. If you are reasonably competent on a musical instrument please bring it with you and email us on to let us know which one you`re bringing. Day guests are welcome to join us for the Saturday even if not staying with us for the whole weekend. Anyone who might....

Residential price: £169.00
Non-residential price: £95.00

June 2019

14 - 16 June
Friday - Sunday

Reflection of God - a creative retreat

Leader: Yvonne Rowe

The focus of the retreat is on creativity and how God speaks through the ordinary and extraordinary. This weekend will give you an opportunity to create art, collage and write poems that come from the heart of God, giving you opportunity to grow closer to God while you create. The scriptural imagery...

Residential price: £190.00
Non-residential price: £110.00

July 2019

12 - 14 July
Friday - Sunday



Residential price: TBC
Non-residential price: TBC

September 2019

20 - 22 September
Friday - Sunday

Ignatian Life River Retreat

Leader: Emma and Glynn Moreton

our guided Ignatian Life River Retreat weekend will be based mainly on Ignatian Spirituality. it is an opportunity to explore and reflect upon our own personal stories and experiences....

Residential price: £165.00
Non-residential price: £90.00

October 2019

25 - 27 October
Friday - Sunday

Living with loss following bereavement

Leader: Abi May

This is a gentle retreat for people of all ages (over 18) who have suffered loss through bereavement. It is faith-based from a Christian perspective. The goal is finding courage and hope as we continue our life’s journey. The retreat is suitable for widows and widowers, bereaved parents and siblings, those who have lost parents or close family members, or those who have suffered multiple losses. Come and join with others who have also experienced life-changing loss.

Residential price: £225.00
Non-residential price: £150.00