February 2021

6 - 7 February
Saturday - Sunday

Living through Loss

Leader: Mandy Callf

Loss is part of our human experience all though the different stages of our lives. 2020 in particular was a time of loss: loss of freedom, loss of `normal`, loss of physical contact, loss of loved ones, especially cruel where there was no opportunity to say goodbye. The apartness of that time may also have raised past losses for which we have not grieved. This retreat is a gentle time of being held in a safe place as you explore that loss and find how you can help yourself to cope with loss and live through loss.

Residential price: £130.00
Non-residential price: £95.00

March 2021

12 - 14 March
Friday - Sunday

Living with Loss following bereavement

Leader: Abi May

If you`re looking for a safe space to explore your grief in the company of others who are also grieving, then you will be very welcome at this Living with Loss retreat. This is a gentle event for people of all ages who have suffered loss through bereavement. It is a led retreat with sessions, discussions, and time for personal reflection. We want to support you as you cope with your life-changing loss.

Residential price: £295.00
Non-residential price: £195.00

19 - 21 March
Friday - Sunday

Looking over God`s Shoulder

Leader: Val Freeman

...fresh perspectives on daily life from the Ignatian examen... Drawing from the book, `Re-imagining the Ignatian Examen` by Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ the weekend will cover entering into prayer, gratitude, looking back from the Father`s arms (a reference to Henri Nouwen`s encouragement of how we look back on past events), the Ignatian practice of praydreaming (i.e. prayerfully imagining the future) and the art of remaining in Christ during our daily lives.

Residential price: £225.00
Non-residential price: £145.00

April 2021

19 - 22 April
Monday - Thursday

Enneagram 1 - God Shaped People

Leader: Becky Widdows

Join Becky to explore the Enneagram in the Christian tradition. Come and discover more about who you are and how God might want to shape you, using Enneagram as a tool.

Residential price: £320.00
Non-residential price: £215.00

May 2021

3 - 7 May
Monday - Friday

4 Night IGR with Susan Oakes

Leader: Susan Oakes

Come and deepen your relationship with God on this silent IGR. An individually guided retreat offers you the time and opportunity to pay attention to God and to be more aware of God`s work in your life. It also gives the space to pray and to reflect on your life, to consider the decisions you have to make, and the priorities you want to set.

Residential price: £395.00
Non-residential option is not available