June 2019

25 June


Leader: Mandy Callf

Does your life often seem out of control, at everyone’s beck and call, that you find it difficult to say ‘No’? Do some people intimidate you into doing what you don’t want to do, haven’t the gifting to do, haven’t the time to do and make you feel guilty? Maybe church and even God feel demanding. Does all this leave you feeling exhausted , stressed, frustrated, angry, on a short fuse……? Sound familiar? ....

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £35.00

July 2019

23 - 24 July
Tuesday - Wednesday

Living like the Kingdom is near

Leader: Bp Richard Jackson

We use a lot of different metaphors to invite people to become Christians, but remarkably few of them are found on the lips of Jesus himself! He proclaimed the Kingdom of God is near, and invited people to live in the light of this new reality....

Residential price: £80.00
Non-residential price: £40.00

August 2019

12 - 15 August
Monday - Thursday

New Directions - August 2019

Leaders: Debbie Hawker and Anny Rosciani-Woodhams

This retreat/workshop is for full-time Christian workers returning to the UK after ministry overseas or for an extended home assignment.

Residential price: £310.00
Non-residential price: £205.00

September 2019

2 - 6 September
Monday - Friday

Seeing the light in life [through photography]

Leader: Steve Radley

The gift of photography can enable you to discover your own life and surroundings in new ways. Photography is taken from the Greek words meaning ‘to draw’ and ‘light’, so literally means, drawing with light. The retreat will use light as a metaphor for life and explore ways of using the camera in a contemplative way to help us see light and life in its many forms. We will also explore the story of our images and discover what the images we are drawn to may help us discover about our own life.

Residential price: £235.00
Non-residential price: £145.00

16 - 20 September
Monday - Friday

4 Night Silent IGR with Judy Cannan

An individually guided retreat offers you the time and opportunity to pay attention to God and to be more aware of God’s work in your life. It also gives the space to pray and to reflect on your life, to consider the decisions you have to make, and the priorities you want to set.

Residential price: £325.00
Non-residential option is not available

23 - 27 September
Monday - Friday

A Beauty from Ashes retreat

Leader: Jennifer Rees Larcombe

Come and engage with Jesus and find healing for difficult questions, disappointment and hidden pain. With an opportunity for one-to-one prayer ministry from Jen and the Beauty from Ashes team.

Residential price: £355.00
Non-residential price: £205.00

30 Sep - 4 October
Monday - Friday

`Seeing` the song of nature

Leader: Viv Walkington

A retreat for anyone who likes painting in watercolour, and for anyone who loves to capture God`s wonderful creation using creative expression. Artist, Elizabeth Kincaid said, ‘Before you can paint, you need to understand drawing. Before you can draw you need to understand seeing’....

Residential price: £310.00
Non-residential price: £140.00

October 2019

14 - 18 October
Monday - Friday

A Journey into Silence

Leaders: Revd Peter Doodes and Fiona Bower

It’s not totally silent (!) but please read on. Silence is a rare commodity in today’s world, but the need for silence in order to contact and communicate with God is a fact, and here that opportunity will arise. You will be doing all of this without the constant pressures of an ever-nagging news media doing their calculated level best to wrench your thoughts and minds from what is really important in your life. Therefore, so we can all take advantage of what we have learned, each day of this retreat will be a separate journey into silence.

Residential price: £298.00
Non-residential price: £140.00

November 2019

11 - 15 November
Monday - Friday

4 Night Silent IGR with Dilys Threshie

Leader: Dilys Threshie

Come and deepen your relationship with God on this silent IGR. There will be a 1-1 session with Dilys each day as well as optional daily prayer.

Residential price: £325.00
Non-residential option is not available