July 2022

4 - 7 July
Monday - Thursday

New Directions - July 2022

Leader: Jack and Sandra Telfer

This retreat is for mission partners who have returned to live in the UK or for an extended home assignment. The focus will be on helping `unpack` and understand the process of transition and change that is involved in re-entry, and to provide strategies to support the process with its many challenges.

Residential price: £380.00
Non-residential price: £245.00

7 - 10 July
Thursday - Sunday

Running the Race - Preparing for `Retirement`

Leaders: Anne de Reybekilll and Evan Winter

This course will seek to help those who have been involved in full-time Christian ministry (UK and overseas) prepare for retirement and the years beyond. It will look at what we understand by `retirement`, the Biblical approach to old age, and in particular at the spirituality of ageing.

Residential price: £380.00
Non-residential price: £245.00

August 2022

8 - 12 August
Monday - Friday

Grace Space for mission partners

Leader: Jack and Sandra Telfer

An extended version of Jack & Sandra`s popular Grace Space retreat specifically for those involved with overseas mission. An opportunity to step aside to be with `the God of all grace`, to meet with Him where we really are in our life and ministry and to receive the deep refreshment that only He can give.

Residential price: £425.00
Non-residential price: £245.00

September 2022

12 - 16 September
Monday - Friday

Rooted and Grounded in Love

Leader: Tony Horsfall

This retreat will focus on helping participants become firmly convinced, at the core of their being, of their identity as God`s deeply loved children, in order to become great lovers of God and those they serve. The retreat will be based on material from David Benner`s book `Surrender to Love`, and will be directed specifically at mission partners, whether working overseas or in this country.

Residential price: £475.00
Non-residential price: £295.00

October 2022

21 - 23 October
Friday - Sunday

Retiring Well

Leader: Helen Calder

Retirement is a time of significant change. There are many ways to journey towards and then into retirement and many issues to think through. The course will be a mix of presentation from the front, interactive exercises in twos or threes and in plenary, as well as opportunity for time alone to think, plan and pray. The sessions slot together like a jigsaw over the three days.

Residential price: £245.00
Non-residential price: £145.00

November 2022

21 - 24 November
Monday - Thursday

New Directions - Nov 2022

Leader: Jack and Sandra Telfer

This retreat/workshop is for full-time Christian workers returning to the UK after ministry overseas or for an extended home assignment. It provides an opportunity to `unpack` the transition process and issues around adjustment in a context of group discussion, reflection and prayer within the beautiful setting of the retreat centre.

Residential price: £380.00
Non-residential price: £245.00