July 2018

20 - 22 July
Friday - Sunday

Connecting through personal stories

Leader: Anthony and Sarah Wingfield

The aim of the retreat is to co-create a mosaic of stories that, together, weave a tapestry of God at work in each other’s lives.

Residential price: £180.00
Non-residential price: £90.00

September 2018

3 September

Creating Flowers with Crepe Paper

Leader: Viv Walkington

If you like flowers and enjoy making things with paper, then this is for you! Using Crepe paper, glue and wire, we will construct with the use of templates, some paper flowers. You will be learning how to shape, cut and connect the paper to wires and end up with realistic looking specimens. There will be lots of advice on how to use a variety of materials and different types and weights of paper available to you. Making flowers in crepe paper’ is a suitable activity for all stages of ability.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £30.00

October 2018

4 October

Ignation Life River

Leader: Emma and Glynn Moreton

Ignatian Life River” creative day. Led by Emma and Glyn Moreton – Founders of Kasama – Creating Safe Spaces. This is both a reflective and creative day using a mixture of set questions, creativity, silence (30 minutes), personal reflection, and where appropriate, small group discussion.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £30.00

5 - 7 October
Friday - Sunday

Experiencing Holman Hunt`s `Light of the World`

Leader: Val Freeman & Gill Hawkins

Experiencing the Light of the World” This is an opportunity to come aside from the world for a time, hear the word and experience intimacy with God. Using Holman Hunt’s “Light of the World” as our starting point, we will explore what it means for us personally and discover ways to respond to its compelling message.

Residential price: £170.00
Non-residential price: £80.00