April 2020

13 - 17 April
Monday - Friday

Creative Space **CANCELLED**

Leader: Jill Hoffman

This retreat provides mainly undirected free personal space - so a chance to `be` as well as create. There will be no set `led` sessions apart from the usual rhythm of prayer at the Centre. Participants will have space to work on their own creative ideas whether writers, poets, musicians, photographers, visual artists and any kind of craft makers. No experience necessary. COME FOR ALL OR PART OF THE TIME, bringing any creative ideas you wish to explore.

Residential price: £335.00
Non-residential price: £175.00

May 2020

25 - 29 May
Monday - Friday

Conversations with God Beyond Words **CANCELLED**

Leader: Jessica Aidley

... A Prayer-painting journey.... This will be a scripture-based `prayer-painting` retreat mostly in silence but with some times for fellowship. There will be daily meditations and no drawing or artistic ability is required.

Residential price: £325.00
Non-residential price: £165.00

July 2020

20 - 24 July
Monday - Friday

Celebrate Creation in Watercolour **CANCELLED**

Leader: Viv Walkington

Working in transparent layers, come and celebrate the beauty of the world with paint and prayer, using the unique qualities of watercolour to express our joy.

Residential price: £325.00
Non-residential price: £165.00

September 2020

28 Sep - 2 October
Monday - Friday

Seeing the Light in Life: through photography

Leader: Steve Radley

The gift of photography can enable you to discover your own life and surroundings in new ways. Photography is taken from the Greek words meaning `to draw` and `light`, so literally means, drawing with light. The retreat will use light as a metaphor for life and explore ways of using the camera in a contemplative way to help us see light and life in its many forms. We will also explore the story of our images and discover what the images we are drawn to may help us discover about our own life.

Residential price: £400.00
Non-residential price: £240.00