August 2022

15 - 19 August
Monday - Friday

Creative Space

Leader: Jill Hoffmann

This retreat provides mainly undirected free personal space - a chance to `be` as well as create. Bring any creative project you would like to work on, whether art, writing, poetry, collage, music, photography or other craft...

Residential price: £425.00
Non-residential price: £245.00

29 Aug - 2 September
Monday - Friday

Contemplative Slow Stitching

Leader: Elizabeth Scott

In this Contemplative Slow Stitching retreat, we will take time to reflect on Scripture; to listen to what the Lord is saying, and to deepen our communication with him. Using pre-loved fabric, colourful threads and simple running stitches, we will quietly think and pray to allow the Lord to speak to us personally.

Residential price: £425.00
Non-residential price: £245.00

September 2022

2 - 4 September
Friday - Sunday

Make a Joyful Noise - God who sings through us

Leader: Brigid and Laurie Main

Do you love music but cannot sing? Do friends and family tell you to leave the singing to others? Then this is for you! Do you sing and want to explore new songs and music? Does your repertoire need a new lease of life? Then this is for you! God made us in His own image and gave us the voices that we have. When we use our voices, God sings through us and His joy is expressed in sound. The sound of people raising their voices in praise is the sound of God singing in their hearts.

Residential price: £225.00
Non-residential price: £125.00

19 - 23 September
Monday - Friday

NEW: Watercolour Painting Techniques

Leader: Viv Walkington

Does your creative masterpiece always seem to be just beyond reach? Come and start the journey to its realisation here at Penhurst, painting in the medium of watercolour and learning techniques that will grow your skills and move you forward into greater creative freedom and mastery. Suitable for beginners and improvers.

Residential price: £425.00
Non-residential price: £245.00

26 - 30 September
Monday - Friday

Visio Divina: Divine seeing through the camera

Leader: Steve Radley

Discover the power of your [smartphone] camera to see God within the ordinary. This retreat is for anyone with a camera or smartphone and will help you discover the art of contemplative photography, using image as modern icons. The skills learnt can become part of your everyday spiritual exercise, helping you see God throughout the day, strengthen relationships and building spiritual and emotional resilience.

Residential price: £520.00
Non-residential price: £340.00