March 2019

3 March

Make a Joyful Noise

Leader: Brigid & Laurie Main

A day to join together raising funds for Penhurst whilst singing a rich variety of songs. A time to share in fun, fellowship and laughter. A time for singing joyfully to the Lord.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £40.00

April 2019

22 April

Lino Printing - Relax Play Create Day

Leader: Emma Moreton

Come and learn about the art of lino printing. Lino printing is made by carving designs into specially made lino which is then inked and rolled on to paper and cards. The process is slow, steady and relaxing but can be quite hard work on the fingers!

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £35.00

May 2019

17 - 19 May
Friday - Sunday

Music and Art and Spirituality

Leaders: Richard King and Lee Hassall

The focus of this retreat will be on how images and music can liberate us to breathe with the Holy Spirit. If you are reasonably competent on a musical instrument please bring it with you and email us on to let us know which one you`re bringing. Day guests are welcome to join us for the Saturday even if not staying with us for the whole weekend. Anyone who might....

Residential price: £169.00
Non-residential price: £95.00

20 May

Wet felting for beginners - Relax Play Create Day

Leader: Emma Moreton

Wet felting for complete beginners. Using beautiful merino wool you will learn the process of creating amazing unique designs. Suitable for anybody.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £35.00

June 2019

14 - 16 June
Friday - Sunday

Reflection of God - a creative retreat

Leader: Yvonne Rowe

The focus of the retreat is on creativity and how God speaks through the ordinary and extraordinary. This weekend will give you an opportunity to create art, collage and write poems that come from the heart of God, giving you opportunity to grow closer to God while you create. The scriptural imagery...

Residential price: £190.00
Non-residential price: £110.00

August 2019

5 - 9 August
Monday - Friday

Creative Space Retreat

Leader: Jill Hoffman

This retreat provides mainly undirected free personal space - so a chance to `be` as well as create. There will be no set `led` sessions apart from the usual rhythm of prayer at the Centre. Participants will have space to work on their own creative ideas whether writers, poets, musicians, photographers, visual artists and any kind of craft makers. No experience necessary. COME FOR ALL OR PART OF THE TIME, bringing any creative ideas you wish to explore.

Residential price: £290.00
Non-residential price: £130.00

September 2019

2 - 6 September
Monday - Friday

Seeing the light in life [through photography]

Leader: Steve Radley

The gift of photography can enable you to discover your own life and surroundings in new ways. Photography is taken from the Greek words meaning ‘to draw’ and ‘light’, so literally means, drawing with light. The retreat will use light as a metaphor for life and explore ways of using the camera in a contemplative way to help us see light and life in its many forms. We will also explore the story of our images and discover what the images we are drawn to may help us discover about our own life.

Residential price: £235.00
Non-residential price: £145.00

20 - 22 September
Friday - Sunday

Ignatian Life River Retreat

Leader: Emma and Glynn Moreton

our guided Ignatian Life River Retreat weekend will be based mainly on Ignatian Spirituality. it is an opportunity to explore and reflect upon our own personal stories and experiences....

Residential price: £165.00
Non-residential price: £90.00

30 Sep - 4 October
Monday - Friday

`Seeing` the song of nature

Leader: Viv Walkington

A retreat for anyone who likes painting in watercolour, and for anyone who loves to capture God`s wonderful creation using creative expression. Artist, Elizabeth Kincaid said, ‘Before you can paint, you need to understand drawing. Before you can draw you need to understand seeing’....

Residential price: £310.00
Non-residential price: £140.00

October 2019

21 October


Leader: Mandy Callf

It’s thought a good idea to regularly take time out, stop, take a look at where we are in life – both in the everyday stuff and the internal or ‘spiritual’ stuff. And isn’t that how it feels sometimes – just far too much stuff and somewhere I am lost within it all?

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £35.00