June 2021

5 June

Light in Life: Seeing God in the Ordinary (Online)

Leader: Steve Radley

Discover the power of your smartphone or camera to see God within the ordinary, using light as a metaphor for life. This one day online-retreat is for anyone with a camera or smartphone and will help you discover the art of contemplative photography and help you see your locality in new ways.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £40.00

7 - 11 June
Monday - Friday

Spirit-led Creative Collages

Leader: Jan Hedger

An inspirational opportunity to bring faith & creativity together. We will share prayers, readings and music; be at one with the Holy Spirit in God`s Creation and the abundant nature around Penhurst; leading you to creating your own mixed media collages during the retreat.

Residential price: £340.00
Non-residential price: £180.00

July 2021

19 - 23 July
Monday - Friday

Explore your Creativity through Watercolour

Leader: Viv Walkington

Creativity is a gift from God, so in the relaxing atmosphere of Penhurst you will be able to focus your creativity on working up a painting (or paintings) of your own choice in the medium of watercolour.

Residential price: £335.00
Non-residential price: £175.00

September 2021

27 Sep - 1 October
Monday - Friday

Seeing with the Eyes of your Heart

Leader: Steve Radley

Discover the joy of using your smartphone or camera to centre in the present moment revealing the fulness of life. This retreat will facilitate the creativity of image to speak into our life, allowing us to discover new meaning and possibilities.

Residential price: £465.00
Non-residential price: £310.00

November 2021

22 - 24 November
Monday - Wednesday

Pause: Become more effective in leadership

Leader: Steve Radley

Learn how to use your smartphone or camera to become less busy and more effective in leadership. It`s easy to be busy, far harder to be effective!

Residential price: £265.00
Non-residential price: £175.00