August 2021

6 - 8 August
Friday - Sunday

Coping with Grief

Leader: Abi May

This small retreat (maximum 8 participants) is intended for those who are grieving following an unexpected bereavement, such as due to Covid-19, suicide or other causes, or an `out of order` bereavement such as the loss of a child or younger sibling.

Residential price: £295.00
Non-residential price: £195.00

September 2021

8 September

Intro to Brain and Soul Boosting (Online)

Leader: Louise Morse

Are you involved in work and/or pastoral care of older people and/or people with dementia? Come and join this short online introduction to Brain and Soul Boosting (BSB), originally designed by cognitive behavioural therapist Louise Morse, together with a psychogeriatric nurse and home manager as a series of sessions for small groups of older people living independently in retirement housing, including those with dementia.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £5.00

10 - 12 September
Friday - Sunday

Breathing In, Breathing Out

Leader: David Cassian Cole

Compassion and loving kindness are rare today. We should be an incarnation of these Divine characteristics. This weekend you`ll learn to gain a greater sense of self compassion through contemplative practice (Breathing In), therefore becoming a more compassionate person, pouring that out in a life of action through compassionate outreach (Breathing Out).

Residential price: £275.00
Non-residential price: £185.00

29 September

Retiring Well (Online via Zoom - 6/6)

Leader: Helen Calder

FULLY BOOKED - A monthly course over six months, for those approaching retirement and for those who have finished full time work in the last year. Retirement is a time of significant change for people: it is a journey rather than an event, with many topics to think though. Session 6/6.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential option is not available

October 2021

18 - 21 October
Monday - Thursday

A Way in the Wilderness

Leader: Christopher Chapman

Where does the wilderness lie? Where might we find it? Not only in sand and rock. It stretches between ending and beginning; between loss of meaning and its recovery; between awareness of deep longing and finding that which we long for; between questioning and the start of understanding. In the Bible the wilderness is also a place of encounter with God, where we learn to understand ourselves afresh.

Residential price: £340.00
Non-residential price: £220.00

29 - 31 October
Friday - Sunday

Divorce Recovery Workshop

***** The DRW team have booked out the whole house for this workshop so our website will show no rooms available. Please contact Mandy 07743 243828 or Sue 07886 552 964 or contact them via to book directly through DWR. ***** Read on for more information...

Residential price: £245.00
Non-residential option is not available

November 2021

8 - 12 November
Monday - Friday

Jesus the Healer

Leaders: Jennifer Rees Larcombe and Carol Bostock

FULLY BOOKED. Come and engage with Jesus and find healing for difficult questions, disappointment and hidden pain. With an opportunity for one-to-one prayer ministry from Jen and the Beauty from Ashes team.

Residential price: £385.00
Non-residential option is not available

15 - 16 November
Monday - Tuesday

Living through Loss

Leader: Mandy Callf

Loss is part of our human experience, all through the different stages of our lives. The covid-19 pandemic in particular has been a time of loss: loss of freedom, loss of `normal`, loss of physical contact, loss of loved ones, especially cruel where there was no opportunity to say `goodbye`. The apartness may also have raised past losses for which we have not grieved. This retreat is a gentle time of being held in a safe place as you explore that loss and find how you can help yourself to cope with and live through loss.

Residential price: £120.00
Non-residential price: £90.00

22 - 24 November
Monday - Wednesday

Pause: Become more effective in leadership

Leader: Steve Radley

Learn how to use your smartphone or camera to become less busy and more effective in leadership. It`s easy to be busy, far harder to be effective!

Residential price: £265.00
Non-residential price: £175.00

February 2022

14 - 17 February
Monday - Thursday

Restore, Refresh, Recharge!

Leader: Jack and Sandra Telfer

As we enter a new year this is an opportunity to lean back into the Lord - meet him where we are and receive his love, grace and strength as we continue our journey with him.

Residential price: £295.00
Non-residential price: £175.00

April 2022

24 - 28 April
Sunday - Thursday

Narnia, Middle Earth and God`s Creation

Leader: Andy Swinford

On this retreat we shall explore together and alone God`s wonderful creation, drawing inspiration from the Bible and from the stories of C S Lewis and J R R Tolkien (no prior knowledge needed!).

Residential price: £320.00
Non-residential price: £195.00