September 2019

23 - 27 September
Monday - Friday

A Beauty from Ashes retreat

Leader: Jennifer Rees Larcombe

Come and engage with Jesus and find healing for difficult questions, disappointment and hidden pain. With an opportunity for one-to-one prayer ministry from Jen and the Beauty from Ashes team.

Residential price: £355.00
Non-residential price: £205.00

30 Sep - 4 October
Monday - Friday

`Seeing` the song of nature

Leader: Viv Walkington

A retreat for anyone who likes painting in watercolour, and for anyone who loves to capture God`s wonderful creation using creative expression. Artist, Elizabeth Kincaid said, ‘Before you can paint, you need to understand drawing. Before you can draw you need to understand seeing’....

Residential price: £310.00
Non-residential price: £140.00

October 2019

21 October


Leader: Mandy Callf

It’s thought a good idea to regularly take time out, stop, take a look at where we are in life – both in the everyday stuff and the internal or ‘spiritual’ stuff. And isn’t that how it feels sometimes – just far too much stuff and somewhere I am lost within it all?

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £35.00

25 - 27 October
Friday - Sunday

Living with loss following bereavement

Leader: Abi May

This is a gentle retreat for people of all ages (over 18) who have suffered loss through bereavement. It is faith-based from a Christian perspective. The goal is finding courage and hope as we continue our life’s journey. The retreat is suitable for widows and widowers, bereaved parents and siblings, those who have lost parents or close family members, or those who have suffered multiple losses. Come and join with others who have also experienced life-changing loss.

Residential price: £225.00
Non-residential price: £150.00

November 2019

11 - 15 November
Monday - Friday

4 Night Silent IGR with Dilys Threshie

Leader: Dilys Threshie

Come and deepen your relationship with God on this silent IGR. There will be a 1-1 session with Dilys each day as well as optional daily prayer.

Residential price: £325.00
Non-residential option is not available

February 2020

21 - 23 February
Friday - Sunday

Let Go - Let God. A Quiet Space in Narnia

Leader: Brigid Main

A journey through the wardrobe door into Narnia. Through exploring together The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis we will have the opportunity to let our imaginations go and space to let God speak to us in new ways.

Residential price: £175.00
Non-residential price: £85.00

28 Feb - 1 March
Friday - Sunday

`OPEN` - post Abortion Healing Retreat

Leader: Jenny Baines, Judy McGibbon

****OPEN have booked out the whole house for this workshop so our website will show no rooms available. Please book through them via You can click on the link above or phone them on 020 7227 4709. The retreat CAN BE PAID FOR IN INSTALMENTS if that is helpful. EACH PERSON WILL HAVE THEIR OWN ROOM and personal needs and privacy will be respected at all times. Read on for more information ....

Residential price: TBC
Non-residential option is not available

March 2020

4 - 6 March
Wednesday - Friday

Broken but Blessed

Leader: Rebekah Domer of the Darvell Bruderhof Community

How can we allow ourselves to be transformed through our pain, grief and loss, thus becoming a blessing to others? Structured around Jesus’ Beatitudes, found in Matthew 5: 1-10, we will explore how suffering and pain can be embraced as a transformative gift in our lives and the lives of others.

Residential price: £175.00
Non-residential price: £85.00

20 - 22 March
Friday - Sunday

Breathing In, Breathing Out

Leader: David Cole

Compassion and loving kindness are rare today. We should be an incarnation of these Divine characteristics. This weekend you`ll learn to gain a greater sense of self compassion through contemplative practice (Breathing In), therefore becoming a more compassionate person, pouring that out in a life of action through compassionate outreach (Breathing Out).

Residential price: £235.00
Non-residential price: £145.00

April 2020

3 - 5 April
Friday - Sunday

Enneagram 1 - God Shaped People

Leader: Becky Widdows

Join Becky to explore the Enneagram in the Christian tradition. Come and discover more about who you are and how God might want to shape you, using Enneagram as a tool.

Residential price: £235.00
Non-residential price: £145.00

23 - 26 April
Thursday - Sunday

RUNNING THE RACE - embracing our retirement years

Leaders: Anne de Reybekilll and Evan Winter

This course will seek to help those who have been involved in full-time Christian ministry (UK and overseas) prepare for retirement and the years beyond. It will look at what we understand by ‘retirement’, the Biblical approach to old age, and in particular at the spirituality of ageing.

Residential price: £295.00
Non-residential price: £185.00

May 2020

11 - 15 May
Monday - Friday

Here is Love, Vast as the Ocean

Leaders: Jennifer Rees Larcombe and Carol Bostock

A Beauty From Ashes Healing Retreat offers a safe place for you to rest, relax, explore, to worship, receive gentle teaching and a chance for one to one prayer ministry if you wish. We will always respect your boundaries and are here to listen and pray.

Residential price: £360.00
Non-residential price: £215.00

22 - 24 May
Friday - Sunday

Looking over God’s Shoulder:

Leader: Val Freeman

...fresh perspectives on daily life from the Ignatian examen... Drawing from the book, “Re-imagining the Ignatian Examen” by Mark E. Thibodeaux, SJ the weekend will cover entering into prayer, gratitude, looking back from the Father’s arms (a reference to Henri Nouwen’s encouragement of how we look back on past events), the Ignatian practice of praydreaming (i.e. prayerfully imagining the future) and the art of remaining in Christ during our daily lives

Residential price: £210.00
Non-residential price: £110.00

25 - 29 May
Monday - Friday

Conversations with God Beyond Words....

Leader: Jessica Aidley

... A Prayer-painting journey.... This will be a scripture-based `prayer-painting` retreat mostly in silence but with some times for fellowship. There will be daily meditations and no drawing or artistic ability is required.

Residential price: £325.00
Non-residential price: £165.00

29 - 31 May
Friday - Sunday

Rediscovering The Sabbath

Leader: Christine Strohmeier

We live in a culture driven by constant activity and business. This weekend, led by Christine Strohmeier is an invitation to you to explore the deeper meaning of entering into God’s Sabbath rest.

Residential price: £200.00
Non-residential price: £100.00