Keep On Running The Race [RESCHEDULED]
For Christian Beginning Or Facing Retirement

  • Leader: Bill and Jan Wilson
  • Start Date: Friday 22nd September, 16:00
  • End Date: Monday 25th September, 14:00
  • Residential Price: £ 170.00 per person
  • Non-Residential Price: £ 100.00 per person

This retreat has already started, if you would still like to take part then please contact us.

This is a workshop/retreat designed for Christians who are considering, preparing for or in the early stages of purposeful retirement.

We will look at:

what we understand by ‘retirement’,
the Biblical approach to the third age and
how God can use us in the latter stages of our lives.  

There will be some structured input, opportunities to learn from each other and space to reflect and plan for this new phase.

If you wish to stay longer, or start your stay earlier, please contact us about availability.