Ignatian Life River Retreat

  • Leader: Emma and Glynn Moreton
  • Start Date: Friday 20th September, 16:00
  • End Date: Sunday 22nd September, 14:00
  • Residential Price: £ 165.00 per person
  • Non-Residential Price: £ 90.00 per person

Residential Stay

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No Single rooms available

Non-Residential Stay

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our guided Ignatian Life River Retreat weekend will be based mainly on Ignatian Spirituality. it is an opportunity to explore and reflect upon our own personal stories and experiences....

Using the idea and imagery of the course of a river from source to destination, we will reflect on our past, present, future, and eternity. Over the weekend there will be group time, individual reflection time and opportunities to share together. There will also be a number of creative resources to help us explore this theme.

If you wish to stay longer, or start your stay earlier, please contact us about availability.