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Non-Residential Stay

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There is a shift underway in spirituality today, from a heaven-focused spirituality which placed great emphasis on transcending the world and the human condition to one which leads to an appreciation of the interconnectedness of all life and deeper engagement with humanity, and a realization of our place within the whole cosmos. This shift in emphasis is leading people to a greater need and the desire to work together for the common good and a world where all can flourish.

We can explore what it means to flourish as a person, as a community, and how we might promote flourishing for all. To flourish we need nourishment. What do I need to flourish? What does my community need to flourish? How can I contribute to the flourishing of my communities, to the earth and the world?

Scriptures: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’--‘I am come that they may have life in all it’s fullness’--The Genesis Story – human-kind to tend the earth.

We could develop a model for people to work with which would enable us to look at this topic on the personal, community, earth and world levels.

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