Boundaries **CANCELLED**

  • Leader: Mandy Callf
  • Date: Monday 18th May, 10:00 - 16:00

This retreat has already started, if you would still like to take part then please contact us.

Does your life often seem out of control, at everyone`s beck and call, that you find it difficult to say `No`? Do some people intimidate you into doing what you don`t want to do, haven`t the gifting to do, haven`t the time to do and make you feel guilty? Maybe church and even God feel demanding. Does all this leave you feeling exhausted , stressed, frustrated, angry, on a short fuse? Sound familiar? ....

An understanding of boundaries, what they are and how to put them into practice maybe be a start to reclaiming some of your life and finding more peace.

This is a day with some teaching on boundaries and space to spend time with God allowing Him to speak and do whatever He wants to do, knowing it will be to build you up and affirm you.

If you wish to stay longer, or start your stay earlier, please contact us about availability.