Who You Can Become When Life Doesn`t Go As Planned

  • Leader: Sheridan Voysey
  • Start Date: Friday 18th March, 15:00
  • End Date: Sunday 20th March, 14:00
  • Residential Price: £ 310.00 per person
  • Non-Residential Price: £ 210.00 per person

Residential Stay

Room required:
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Duration of stay: nights
Price for Residential booking: £310

Non-Residential Stay

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Price: £210

When life takes one too many unexpected turns, do you find yourself saying, "I don`t know who I am anymore"? Do you find yourself wondering if you`ll ever have a sense of purpose again? After childlessness, an international move, and a disruptive professional change, Sheridan found himself asking such questions - and discovering he wasn`t alone.

But what if losing an identity is an opportunity to discover who you really are? What if the adversity you face could release your best gifts into the world? What if life going wrong could be the making of you? Through story, scripture and reflective exercises, this retreat will help you discover who you can become when life doesn`t go as planned.

If you wish to stay longer, or start your stay earlier, please contact us about availability.