Daring To Talk About Grief

Residential Stay

This option is not available for this retreat

Non-Residential Stay

Number of guests:
Price: £45.00

A space for you to connect with your grief in a supportive environment. The day includes input about common themes of the grieving process; opportunities to speak about your own experience in a small and safe group and some quiet time for reflection.

You will not be expected to talk about anything you are not ready or willing to talk about.

This day hopes to provide support to those whose bereavement was 6 months ago or longer (no upper limit - the death could have occurred 20 or more years ago).

You are welcome to come with a friend who is grieving for someone else, but please do not come with someone who is grieving the loss of the same person as you. The type of bereavement can be varied (e.g. a relative/colleague/friend) and the cause can also be varied (e.g. sudden and unexpected death or death after a long illness). This day is to support those who are bereaved after the death of a human (of any age or relationship, but not a pet or loss from divorce or other life circumstances).

You do not need to be a practising Christian to attend the day but there will be references to faith and how God may comfort us in the grieving process.

If you wish to stay longer, or start your stay earlier, please contact us about availability.