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Mags Duggan

Mags Duggan

Soul Friend, Teacher, Missionary, Leadership Trainer, Retreat Guide. At various times in her life Mags has been all of the above often at the same time! After 20 plus years working with the Navigators in East Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Mags returned home and spent a number of years on the faculty of Redcliffe College in Gloucester where she lectured in two areas she is passionate about - Spiritual Formation and Soul Care. She is currently engaged in providing pastoral care and spiritual nurture for a diverse group of cross-cultural missionaries and ministry leaders both here in the UK and overseas. Mags perfect day would include hanging out with good friends, canoeing on a lake, reading through a pile of quality detective fiction, sharing good coffee/ good wine/ good food/ over even better conversation, a short walk, watching the sun set over water, and ending the day drinking hot chocolate around the dying embers of a log fire whilst listening to choral music. She says she is blessed to have had many of these perfect days over the years!

Retreats led by Mags Duggan

June 2021

28 Jun - 1 July
Monday - Thursday

Fully Alive! Mission & Ministry Partners

Jesus said `I have come that you might have life and have it in all its fulness`. (John 10v10) `Many sincere followers of Jesus are living wholesome lives of quiet desperation`. (Stephen W. Smith, writer and counsellor). How do we reconcile the truth contained in both of these statements? We know that Jesus has called us to be fully alive, but we know too the reality of the quiet desperation, the weariness, the dull numbness of a muted life lived in the breathless rush of our days and in the demands of our roles and responsibilities.

Residential price: £330.00
Non-residential price: £215.00