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Shaun Lambert

Shaun Lambert

Shaun Lambert is a Baptist Minister, psychotherapist, author and mindfulness researcher, married with two children and a dog called Coco. He is on community at Scargill House in Yorkshire a retreat centre and international community. He is looking to explore mindful church/mindful community especially with young people in the light of the epidemic of mental health distress amongst young people as well as a turn to spirituality in that generation. He has been working on a PhD project exploring mindfulness of God. He has experienced anxiety, stress and burnout and is very interested in helping others move into wellbeing out of distress. Shaun has written about mindfulness from a Christian perspective for a number of significant Christian websites, including the Evangelical Alliance, PREMIER Mind and Soul, Christian Today and The Baptist Times. He has also been interviewed on silence, contemplation, meditation and mindfulness by UCB National Christian radio, and by Clare Balding on Radio 2`s Good Morning Sunday. You can find details of his book and other writings on his website You can also follow him on Twitter via @shaun_lambert. He has also written a children`s fantasy novel entitled Flat Earth Unroofed: a tale of mind lore, which has mindfulness woven into it.

Retreats led by Shaun Lambert

March 2022

28 - 31 March
Monday - Thursday

Mindfulness of God and Personal Transformation

This retreat will focus on mindfulness and wellbeing. The approach will be holistic and will include mindfulness for health (our mental health and wellbeing) and mindfulness of God (our spiritual health and wellbeing). There will be an emphasis on times of stress and difficulty and uncertainty and how we can redeem our present moments and live life in all its fullness whatever our circumstances.

Residential price: £360.00
Non-residential price: £225.00