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Alison Marchant

Alison Marchant

Alison worked in Israel for several years, partly developing aid projects and partly on the team of Christ Church, Jerusalem, and has over 30 years of involvement with what God is doing there. She draws on her experience of Jewish life and thought to explore some of the rarely plumbed depths of the Old Testament scriptures and traditions; enabling Christians to discover the insights, richness and enjoyment these can add to our faith and lives. She is a licensed Lay Reader in her local parish and was previously a Trustee of Penhurst Retreat Centre. She is also involved with Street Pastors and other Christian projects seeking to bless the local community.

Retreats led by Alison Marchant

September 2022

19 September

Exploring Life in Covenant with God

This relaxed, interactive day will explore what covenant originally meant in Bible times, how it has developed over the years and begin to uncover some of the amazing depth and riches of what it means for us personally to be in covenant with Almighty God today. It is an opportunity to at least begin to explore the depth of God`s amazing faithfulness to us and to His promises.

Residential option is not available
Non-residential price: £40.00