Retreat Leaders

Rev Peter Doodes

Rev Peter Doodes

Peter is an NSM Anglican Minister who has been attached to Churches in the local East Sussex area as well as in the Diocese of Rochester. At present he takes services at Wartling and Herstmonceux Churches and Ashburnham Chapel. He was for four years a volunteer Beachy Head Chaplain and was also a governing Member of the Pilsdon at Malling Community in the Rochester Diocese. As an NSM Peter is more than aware of the difficulty in balancing the strains of day-to-day life with a commitment to God. Although now a committed environmentalist he was, in a very different life indeed, a racing driver.

Retreats led by Rev Peter Doodes

October 2021

25 - 28 October
Monday - Thursday

A Journey into Silence

It`s not totally silent(!) but please read on. Silence is a rare commodity in today`s world, but the need for silence in order to contact and communicate with God is a fact, and here that opportunity will arise. You will be doing all of this without the constant pressures of an ever-nagging news media doing their calculated level best to wrench your thoughts and minds from what is really important in your life. Therefore, so we can all take advantage of what we have learned, each day of this retreat will be a separate journey into silence.

Residential price: £260.00
Non-residential price: £140.00