Retreat Leaders

Fiona Bower

Fiona Bower

Fiona is a committed Christian and has always felt that God`s path for her in life is to be a supportive friend to those in need. She feels as though she has a calling to listen to people. Fiona currently visits several people both in their own homes and care homes to help alleviate the symptoms of loneliness. This has led her on a spiritual path, helping and comforting people which has deepened her own relationship with God. In addition, Fiona advises the GTR train company about accessibility needs on the network. Fiona has a registered Canine Partner called Mr Wiz who helps her with everyday tasks that she finds difficult. He is developing his listening skills!

Retreats led by Fiona Bower

October 2021

25 - 28 October
Monday - Thursday

A Journey into Silence

It`s not totally silent(!) but please read on. Silence is a rare commodity in today`s world, but the need for silence in order to contact and communicate with God is a fact, and here that opportunity will arise. You will be doing all of this without the constant pressures of an ever-nagging news media doing their calculated level best to wrench your thoughts and minds from what is really important in your life. Therefore, so we can all take advantage of what we have learned, each day of this retreat will be a separate journey into silence.

Residential price: £260.00
Non-residential price: £140.00