Retreat Leaders

Yvonne Rowe

Yvonne Rowe

Yvonne is an all round creative person, with a gentle quiet personality, who enjoys running small groups to help them develop their creativity. She is a writer of a sketch book production, a choreographer to a Christian dance group who performed at Spring Harvest, a musician who leads worship at a Saturday church as well as an artist who has exhibited at Harvey Road Gallery in Guildford. She writes: "What I have really enjoyed over recent years is drawing and making biscuits that speak of the heart of God at venues ranging from from pop festivals to church fetes with a group called ‘Eden People’. Some would find this a challenge but to me this is a joy."

Retreats led by Yvonne Rowe

June 2019

14 - 16 June
Friday - Sunday

Reflection of God - a creative retreat

The focus of the retreat is on creativity and how God speaks through the ordinary and extraordinary. This weekend will give you an opportunity to create art, collage and write poems that come from the heart of God, giving you opportunity to grow closer to God while you create. The scriptural imagery...

Residential price: £190.00
Non-residential price: £110.00