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Helen Calder

Helen Calder

I finished paid employment in September 2016. Since then God has led me on an amazing and unexpected journey, including developing the Retiring Well course and Helen`s Headlines I am a business graduate with senior management experience in industry. During the late 1980s I was the most senior woman in an organisation of 6,000 people. As part of a calling to use my business skills in the Christian sector I studied theology at St John`s College Nottingham. I have been part of the ministry team at All Souls Church, Langham Place as director of administration and then executive director: finance and services for the Evangelical Alliance. I have served as a trustee of several Christian charities. I now have a part-time, mainly voluntary, portfolio sharing 40 years` experience to equip charities, churches and individuals. Running Retiring Well courses, writing a Retiring Well workbook and journal, as well as training others to run the course are now the most significant part of this.

Retreats led by Helen Calder

October 2022

21 - 23 October
Friday - Sunday

Retiring Well

Retirement is a time of significant change. There are many ways to journey towards and then into retirement and many issues to think through. The course will be a mix of presentation from the front, interactive exercises in twos or threes and in plenary, as well as opportunity for time alone to think, plan and pray. The sessions slot together like a jigsaw over the three days.

Residential price: £245.00
Non-residential price: £145.00